For the HRMS megatrends in 2022, with a large workforce working from home and the growth of globalization, human resources (HR) management systems have become increasingly more complex and intelligent in recent years. When your employees are working in different departments and locations, an intelligent HR management system plays an important role to manage the workforce for your organization.

The traditional HRM systems just focus on managing back office administration, presenting data and providing basic reporting. However, the trending HR system provides the advanced functions, such as staff recruitment, staff training, performance management and employee self service. As the workforce changes and technology capabilities grow, HRMS is evolving into a more comprehensive workforce tool for each company.


Let’s see the four particular HRMS megatrends in 2022:

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Recruiting Talent

Artificial intelligence(AI) is rapidly evolving and automating many repetitive and simple tasks throughout the enterprise software architecture. The HRMS platform is one of the sustainable growth AI, especially in recruitment and talent flow, and these capabilities include:

  1. Artificial intelligence(AI) readers can combine the academic and work experience from a candidate’s resume into applications and background checks to reduce repetitive data entry. Furthermore, the machine learning can also learn to shortlist the ideal candidate, as well as automate the whole recruitment process. Many of the readers also provide categorization and scoring metrics to help recruiters finding the most suitable applicants.
  2. Artificial intelligence(AI) can drives the job matching for candidates which can simplify the procedure for recruiting team. This technology is designed to streamline or automate the part of the recruiting workflow, especially repetitive, high-volume tasks.
  3. Chatbots and automated checklists for all employees to get the answers they need related to benefits and company policies. The benefit to a chatbot is that the information is available 24/7, without the need for direct human interaction.
  4. Technology deployment checklists are rolled out for each new employee and run automatically by assistants in the system. This is important as more and more remote and international employees need to deploy equipment from a distance.

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