Human resource (HR) is a key aspect for any organization from improving employee well-being to company risk management. Without a proper management, this complex field of work would lack of structure and struggle to evolve over time. On the other hand, having a strong human resource (HR) department backed by solid leadership is one of the  best ways for a company to ensure employee satisfaction, productivity and future growth.


1. Gate-keeping for corporate financial budgets

The HR department will assist the company for planning salary expenses of employee. They will also adjust the internal financial budgets according to the market and business conditions. In addition, HR department has to make some recommendations about the salaries of new employees, in order to balance the income and expenses for company.


2. Motivate employees’ morale and increase their productivity of career

The salary reflects the company’s expectation towards employees. If employers can provide employees with corresponding salaries and rewards based on their working performance, it can definitely stimulate employees’ morale. At the same time, a reasonable emolument can make employees feel valued by the company, it is able to increase their sense of belonging to the company and enhance their working performance in a long run.


3. Easy to attract and retain good performers from human resource team

A reasonable emolument can make employees feel a sense of belonging to the company, which naturally can retain good performers. Therefore, a good reputation of company will attract more talented people to join the company.


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