Project Approach & Methodology

Project implementation methodology is critical success factor on project deployment. We, Achiever perform system deployment using a proven methodology that allows us to plan and analysis, design, build, implement, test and deploy business solution. We deliver service with best practices for flawless system deployments. In the past two decades, our professional team have successfully implemented thousands of projects in Asia Pacific region.


During this phase of the implementation methodology, we conduct interviews with project team members to perform the analysis work on current business operation issues, data processing, reporting structure need to be identified. A standard framework template will be defined based on our best understanding on data schema, report definition, system processing, interfaces and technology infrastructures where applicable. Meanwhile, we will determine if there are any functional gaps exist, recommend how to bridge them through potential software customizations, changes in business processes or workaround solution.


This phase is to create the framework based on the requirements which have documented on the analysis stage. The framework develops an integrated specification to illustrate “how” these separate views are to be synthesized into the new system and supporting technology infrastructures.

Build and Implementation

In the build and implementation phase, the composite parts of the project are brought together and assembled into a working system from system setup, configuration, initial data migration, system / data testing, refine and report verification. At this point all of the cross-stage phases of the project are finalized with production data conversion.

Key User Training

The phase develop user documentation, user manual and operation training for key user.

Closure and Warranty

At this stage, it is the closing phase of the project. Users will sign off the acceptance of the system and go into production run.

Warranty period will commence on acceptance of the system.

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