1. Easy to maintain the HR software

While installing on-premises software, organization need to requires physical installation at the company location. Installation and setup also take a huge amount of time, more IT staff should take this responsibility to complete the maintenance tasks. One of the advantages for company to use cloud-based HR software is easy to install and maintain the software. It is because the software provider will take care all the details of installation and update, like using the renting service from them. If you have any question about the software, they will provide customer service for your account. So, that your company do not need to employ many IT staff for handling the software. Once you have a stable internet connect, you can use the HR software anywhere and anytime.


  1. Access the software anywhere

With internet connection, a cloud-based HR software can be accessed from anywhere at any time and through any device. While home office, employees can easily record their attendance, access documents, apply for time off, and more. This is impossible with on-premise HR software as it needs employee’s physical presence to perform HR processes.


  1. Improve data security

With on-premise HR software, IT department needs to monitor the data security such as following internal policies, having regular backups, and having security training. Without regular backups, it’s a huge issue for organization to retrieve the lost data.

A cloud-based HR software ensures high-level data security. As software providers take care of the data backup, so you don’t have to worry about losing the important information.


  1. Greater customize features

A cloud-based HR software provides a personalized approach, allowing company to pick the most important features when designing the software. The fixable software handling is good to run any business under dynamic environment. With on-premises HR software, the IT department has to do much of work to design and upgrade it.


  1. High scalability to maintain HR software

With cloud-based software, you don’t have to worry as you increase or decrease your organization’s capacity. On the other hand, on-premises HR software can only support the changes of organization’s capacity within a limit. If it exceeds the limit, your organization may need to invest in new software for fixing it.


  1. Easy to integrate various platform

With a cloud-based HR software, third-party integrations can be enabled during any stage at relatively low cost. However, with on-premise HR systems, as the integrate process is more complicated and involved more resources, it takes more time and budget for doing the same integration when comparing with cloud-based software.


  1. 24/7 accessible platform

A cloud-based HR software allows employees 24/7 to access all their company information and communicate with their peers much easier. It’s also a cost-effective platform for all staff to access any company information at any time.


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