Cloud system has become an important tool for businesses around the world. Compared to on premise, cloud systems do make management easier, more secure, and cheaper. These are the reasons that make enterprises switch from on premise to cloud system as soon as possible.


  1. Business expansion needs

    For on premise system, it is very difficult and costly to expand the system. Company has to spend a large amount of money when expanding. Also, there will be additional downtime to affect the company operation at the same time. This is the reason why enterprises switch to the cloud system as soon as possible, since the cloud system is to allow enterprises to pay only for the resources they used. Moreover, it can be updated immediately and seamlessly connected with the company operation.

  2. System security

    All enterprises must put network security in the forefront. Cloud system has more powerful security measures in protecting the system and data, and comply with national regulations. Cloud system helps to save more time and effort.

  3. Backup and recovery methods

    Loss of data is very serious issue for enterprises. For on premise system, it requires IT staff to handle all the backup and recovery by themselves. On the contrary, the cloud system can automatically back up and restore the specified version at any time.

  4. The convenience of integrating applications

    If you want to deploy applications or other functions on the site, for example, a CMS such as WordPress. It provides a great advantage for the enterprise website, because the cloud can make it very simple for you to use these applications, easy and fast to complete the deployment.

  5. System support services

    Some companies may not have enough IT staff to be able to manage or update, which may hinder and slow down the development of the company. However, the cloud system can get 24X7 customer support services, from handling daily operations, to medium or large upgrades. You can communicate with customer support by phone or E-mail, which will reduce the huge burden of enterprise manpower.


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