Automating the Compliance Function

Compliance is a primary concern for companies, especially in the employer-employee relationship. Labour Legislation requires the personal documentation be maintained at all stages of employees. Especially when regulations are changed and new developments occur in the company, Human Resources (HR) departments feel overwhelming to adapt the new procedures and verification criteria.


In fact, the HRMS platform can process the complex compliance process instead. It helps both employers and employees to update their personal information more easily. Also, it can facilitate the company policies and achieve HR management integration. Therefore, most of the HR daily task can be auto-completed by the HRMS platform.


Advanced functions:

  1. Automate the process to alert the appropriate executive employees before escalation and audit deadlines. Therefore, HR staff can well prepare the documents before every important events.
  2. Automatically alert and instruct all employees to update their personal information. Also, It helps completing the background checks and contractual requirements from the automated system.
  3. Provide comprehensive self-service to employees, for example compliance training, FAQs and a knowledge base platform to resolve any human resources or compliance issues.

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