Attendance Management Overview

Achiever HRMS helps arrange the attendance and shift roster. It will also integrate with a payroll and leave management system as one-stop HR processing. An effective system can definitely save company resources by automation.

For attendance management, Achiever HRMS can capture employees time in and time out from biometric machines or Face Recognition readers. The attendance data will real time sync to the Time Attendance Software.

Our time Attendance Software can also customize multiple shift patterns with various overtime and lateness rules. All the attendance record will be linked to the Payroll Software. So that you can export to the HR reports in different format directly.

System features:

  • Provide real-time and round-the clock view
  • Allow self-updates of missing attendance
  • Send out email alerts of inappropriate attendance record
  • Pre-set a specific start and end date for agile attendance pattern
  • One click workforce arrangement (by AI technology) which facilitate the attendance management
  • Support facial recognition, GPS and Beacon technology for attendance verification
  • Support attendance centralization from multiple workstations
Attendance Management