An effective inventory management solution can avoid excessing inventory, shortage of inventory and dead stock. Moreover, it helps you automating the process of inventory turnover.

It is important for business to apply inventory management solution when during with the seasonal products. They need to balance the inventory level based on the actual selling condition. Moreover, manager can understand the real time inventory level for deciding the number of stocks needed to be bought. Moreover, manager can set a minimum inventory threshold in the system. When the inventory level falls below the minimum level, a notification will be sent out for order reminder. For advanced function, Achiever’s ERP can helps sending out the purchase request automatically if the customer needs it.

In the meantime, business can avoid the dead stock by using the Achiever’s system. The system will list out all the expired, unused and unsold items for easy reference. Manager can easily spot out the problem items and sell them with special strategies, such as sessional promotion, clearance promotion or package promotion and so on. The reasons why it is essential for business to keep looking at the dead stock, since it wastes the cost from two aspects, they are: the cost-of-goods and the storage cost of the dead stock. Hence manager will receive the notification towards the potential dead stock for their further action. In conclusion, all the business can avoid the risks for storing dead stock by using automated system.