Achiever’s accounting module will connect the information of customers, employees, and products into the centralized system. So that staff can have a consistent view of the entire business journey. It also allows contextually relevant conversations to be tracked alongside transactions, accounts and reports.

Firstly, Achiever system helps you manage the accounting and financial needs. It enables all business to set a budget and assign financial resources for different purposes, for example raw material procurement, marketing campaigns, employee salaries, transportation fee and operational fee.

Secondly, the system will eliminate duplicate data entry from staff. When using ERP system with financial accounting module, you do not need to spend so much time to compare and verifying the information between disparate systems. It also removes duplicate entries, thereby considerably enhancing data consistency in the centralized system. Also, human errors will also be reduced under this condition.

Thirdly, Achiever system is fully automated the business workflow. You can enjoy the time-saving features with inbuilt workflows. So that the process of data entry will be streamlined in that simple way. Moreover, it facilitates the management of cashflows, simplifies complex accounts payable as well as receivables transactions.

Some monthly documents can be auto generated, such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements and so on. Manager will get the business insight from the reports in the meantime.