Big data can have a positive impact on Achiever ERP systems. After understanding the customers preferences from the big data, we can have the business insight for improving supply chain management, simplifying scheduling processes, forecasting sales and so on. The big data generated in business processes can be collected from Achiever ERP. It helps businesses to receive insights regarding inventory, production, supply chain, sales, marketing, and customer service and more.

These insights enable businesses to make better business decisions. Using big data with ERP can bring about the development of innovative strategies for the overall business growth.

Having an ERP system, lots of information can be processed in a short period automatically. It makes the project management as a simple task. The operational process will be simplified since then.

Furthermore, big data helps corporation forecasting and improving its sales. From the business data of inventory and supply management, companies can get deeper insight towards the sales performance. With accurate predictions of sales, companies can better manage their supply and demand requirements for products or services. This can significantly reduce the risk of under or overstocking of materials and maximize revenues.